Linux kernel development. Robert Love

Linux kernel development

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Linux kernel development Robert Love
Publisher: Novell Press

I was explaining on Hacker News why Windows fell behind Linux in terms of operating system kernel performance and innovation. Jon Masters summarises the latest happenings in the Linux kernel community, including the closing of the development 'merge window' for the 3.8 kernel. And there is always plenty going on in the background. Embedded linux kernel & platform Driver development. We don't cover Linux kernel development too frequently on The VAR Guy because it's not something most end users are likely to care about or understand. Linux Kernel Development Engineers (2-8 years). It's a bit fluffy, but it'll tell you what you need to know about the Linux kernel. Follow the Linux Development Mailing List for one week and you'll see what I mean. The Linux Foundation's newly-released 'Who Writes Linux' report shows some interesting trends into who is contributing to Linux in 2010 -- and yes, Canonical is on the list. Posted 14th May by VIVEN EMBEDDED ACADEMY. SlimLogic can provide 1st class embedded Linux kernel and driver development services. That's because kernel development takes place using the git distributed revision control system, designed by.

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